Figolli recipe

Being that in about a weeks’ time its Easter, here is the recipe for figolli- Maltese Easter sweet.

For the pastry: 800gr self raising flour; 12 oz sugar; 12 oz margerine; 1 lemon rind; 4 eggs; some vanilla essence.

Rub flour to margarine add the rest of ingriedents to form a soft dough. If needed add some milk.

For the filling: 400 gr ground almonds; 400 gr sugar; 2 egg whites; some almond essence.

Combine all ingriedents together. You’ll probably need some water to get a sticky kind of dough.

Next roll out pastry cut forms and place in a well floured baking dish. Spread a 1 cm thick layer of the almond filling onto half of the pastry shapes leaving a bit of space around the edges, and cover each one with its corresponding half. Press edges together and coat with milk and bake in moderate hot oven approx 20 mins. or till golden brown. When figolli are cooled cover in melted chocolate or sugar icing.

This makes around 4-6 figolli


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