The Baptism

Yesterday, Easter, was also
Gregory’s Baptism. We woke early morning to colic cries and to discover a cold,
cloudy, windy day which didn’t bade well! However the rest of the morning
proceeded at its usual rythm; with Gregory sleeping most of the morning. The
afternoon though, didn’t promise good as Greg wouldn’t sleep and knew that
therefore by 5pm he will be over tired. In fact he slept for maybe 20 mins prior
to us all leaving for the church.

The wind by then had increased in its ferocity and we had to bring out the
coats again – we had already put them away for Summer as had been having warm
weather up till the day before!

St Paul’s Church in Rabat is only 5 mins away by car and being Easter, the
church was beautiful all decorated in flowers. Anyhow, soon after the ceremony
started Greg decided he wanted an early meal but didn’t cry when I wouldn’t
oblige and simply looked around him interested in his new surroundings. Later
on, he pooed a really big, smelly one and thought now he’ll cry as he wants his
nappy changed, but he kept quiet. By now it was time to pour water on his head –
symbol of purification from the original sin-and as soon as the water touched
him he opened a big mouth and screamed the place down for the rest of the
ceremony (which thanks to the Lord was only a short bit left).

Dave insisted amid these protesting shouts from his son to take photos, I
obliged with one and here is the result…a screaming baby and a grim looking
mother! After all this hassle we took the newly Baptised boy to my parents’ home for a little party. We changed and fed our puppy and hoped he’ll settle
down but as my previous predictions, he was now over tired and all the noise
generated from a dozen people chattering away was not enjoyed by Greg who
continued to cry driving me insane. In the end managed to sooth him down
by leaving him in my sisters’ pushchair (as I forgot mine) and stayed rocking
him away for the rest of the party.

We didn’t manage pictures of this occassion though Dave tried several times
to convince me to take some but didn’t want to continue upsetting little one;
but we do have video footage of this nice occassion. The cake which took a
lot of my patience to decorate, was cut by his cousin Brendan and by 7.30 pm, we
decided to leave for home for Gregory’s deserved night sleep in his own

His full name is Gregory Anthony Celestino Paul. Gregory because from the
moment he was born, he prefered discovering this new world instead of sleeping
like most babies and as this name means watcher, we thought it quite
fitting. Anthony, because he was born on the death anniversary of my
grandmother Antonia. Celestino chosen by his godfather in respect of
Greg’s grandfather and so Dave’s father who holds this name. Paul, also my
dad’s name but mainly chosen as its the Pauline year and he was baptised in St
Paul’s Church.


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