Its 1235 hrs here in sunny Malta. After 3 days of bad weather we are back to hot and sunny and I think hotter then before. That of course means that by mid May the sea will be reasonably lukewarm and can jump in 🙂 to my cousin Priscilla’s satisfaction!

Gregory is trying to sleep but this teething business is waking him every 5 mins or so; but we had a good morning……after an early breakfast on the breast he practiced smiling and kicking at his mom, than at 915 hrs we took off for a nice long walk which passed a very nice Chapel known as tal Hniena and down along the promenade towards Wied iz Zurrieq. It was fantastic and Greg started baby talk with enjoyment till half way through. At this point he wanted to sleep but my little one wants darkness to sleep so took him in my arms put the blanket over his head and he drifted off in no time. After, I could place him back in his pushchair and proceed. We got home at 1100 hrs and it was time for his lunch and nappy change and now trying to sleep more; which I hope he does to practice some belly dancing before my lesson tonight and do more yoga.

Speaking of which, yesterday I was really happy as I managed to stay in crow pose for 3 seconds and my heels are nearly touching the floor when I do downward facing dog. Also yesterday my darling husband bought me a lavender plant which I have placed in the bedroom balcony to have its sweet smell envelop our dreams.
Found this article which applauds conservation efforts, I hope you think so too!

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