What a rainy day!

Been raining since 9 am here and so remained stuck inside feeling cold and envying my warm blooded son ! Was going to the library fetch a couple of books and return others, but didn’t relish the idea of taking Gregory out in such dismal weather and especially knowing I won’t find parking anywhere nearby (would have taken the bus but then again with this weather….). So stayed inside trying to find eco friendly and trade fair shops on the net- I will give you a list of them sometime this week. While playing with the little bugger whenever he was awake 😛

In the post today I received a letter, card and a nice gift from my friend Katja from Germany. Dearest Katja you will soon receive a letter back in reply and thank you sooooo much I loved your gift and all useful for me 🙂 I also take the occassion to wish you a nice wedding day ( though nearly a month left for it) and feel so sad that I won’t make it. As you said we will sure manage to meet again I am sure!

Today looking at a soft toy Gregory received from my parents on his baptism I saw it has a beautiful message which I decided to copy here:

When I look into your eyes
I see a part of me.
You are the newest blossom
On our family tree.
You’re so full of life
Growing bigger every day.
You are my gorgeous grandson
Giving me joy in many ways.
Strange enough, although the soft toy has a big grandson written on it, it was done in pink….. maybe the person concerned was colour blind LOL.
Today I will cook creamy chicken spaghetti, if it comes good I’ll post you the recipe.
Good day to all!

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