a dose of humour

Read this blog post and it really made me laugh. For the whole thing go on the following link:

I awoke this morning to a chorus of “It’s MY turn!” “No! It’s MY turn!” “No. It’s MYYYyyyyYYY TURN!” ad nauseum.
Sighing, I flopped the covers onto my sleeping husband, stood up out of bed, and stumbled down the hall. The boys didn’t even notice me until they heard a stern voice behind them say, “No one gets it.”
Turning away from the computer screen they’d been fighting over, both boys stood up and faced me, protesting emphatically.
“But Mom…””But he said…””But it’s my turn now…””But I wasn’t finished with my game…””But YOU SAID when it’s a new day…”
I searched through my brain for Lecture On Sharing #247, pulled it out of its file folder, and launched ahead. But halfway through my breathless monologue, something unexpected, though not entirely unfamiliar, happened.
My torso turned to lead. My arms and legs got very dizzy very fast. Sounds began to muffle of their own accord. My head floated away from my shoulders. The blackness started at the edges of my vision and moved steadily inward from all directions.
I looked at the boys and said, “I’m gonna pass out



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