Sweet Dreams

Last night rather then getting my sweet sleep, I stayed reading a book which is quite fascinating. While reading, I sometimes stopped to watch him sleep, especially when I heard movement from his bed and this is what resulted from all my musings:

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Looking at you

While you are sleeping
I wonder…..

Your peaceful face
Your even breath
and suddenly a smile appears.

You open slightly up one eye
And I wonder what you see.
Is it angels as they say or memories of our past day?

Your peaceful face
Your even breath
And suddenly all this disappears

You toss your head from side to side
It seems you are afraid.
Of what or who I do not know
What ‘s in your head my dear?

Sometimes a cry escapes your lips
Creasing your face as if in pain.
what happened love what did you feel?
I wish it to go away.

And as adruptly it all appears
It all fades away.
And your peaceful face, your even breath returns
And I wonder…….


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