Breathe that pain away

It’s so heart wrenching seeing your child in pain for which you can do nothing. These past two days, Gregory had some bad teething pain. Yes there are teething gels to use or panadol syrup which is meant to help but none worked! So there I was with him writhing in my arms, screaming, red in the face and sweating in pain. Sometimes his tightly shut eyes would open and the look of despair and fright he gave was agony in itself. The feeling of guilt, helplessness and frustration flooded me and was aware of my body all held tight with tension. I could do nothing apart for hugging him, talking to him soothingly, sing and cradling him…..but he didn’t seem to even notice. Then suddenly I remembered that he can sense all my emotions and so he was more likely to feel frightened and confused if I am frustrated etc. So I willed my body to relax, breath deeply and focus my love on his little body while I continued to cradle him & talk soothingly to him that all will be fine soon, and eventually he calmed and slept.

I can’t truly say if that helped and calmed him or if the pain had finally subsided. I’d like to think it was the first one…stranger things do happen after all. I only pray that these blessed teeth break through quickly and his pain comes only once a day like so far; any more frequent and I shudder at the thought.


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