babies day out

Yesterday 8 couples from our parentcraft course met (at a very good restaurant I must add) and discussed of course our babies which were from what I gathered all born 2 weeks ahead of time & nearly all male. Now the most amazing thing I believe is that for most of the time they all stayed nice and quiet if not straight sleeping or feeding and most started to stir when our food got brought to the table LOL how typical ey? The best part of it I believe is that one could discuss without prejudice from anyone your baby and parenting method and feel secure in the fact that now you can see for real that other people have your same problems. It was also great to be able and give tips to each other on what we find good when dealing with certain situations. A thank you is due to Louise our parentcraft lecturer who arranged for this meeting. I hope we will keep contact and meet now and then so we can boost eachothers’ confidence πŸ™‚

Gregory quite enjoyed his 3rd restaurant experience and in the afternoon wanted more fun so we took him for a walk and the result is this wonderful big smile for which I thank Chris my brother in law who was at hand to take a photo πŸ™‚

On a different note, in Malta we now have an eco shop yuppiiiii! it’s still to be launched and the website is still under construction, but the idea is great and I hope we will find a lot of good deals to help our environment.

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