Thank God for weekends

We always feel weekends are special, guess for the simple reason a lot of the working community are off during those days….alas full time or part time mums don’t have that privilege. However, we too can take some time off now and again.
This past weekend I had a grand relaxing time. Friday we met my cousin who came especially from Canada to take some wine with me (ok not especially true but we did do just that) and had a wonderful time talking. Saturday, me and hubby had a massage and vino therapy bath booked- a special thanks go to our friends Gabriel & Dorianne for their thoughtfulness!(whenever you want we’d love to do it again – grin). So we were shown into this big room which had 2 massage couches (one each) a big nice bubbling bath for later, candles all over, background music and oh 2 nice armchairs those that remind me of a king’s throne like. The Chinese girls who did the massage on us were great and the bath ohhh I nearly slept in it heheh….still dreaming of it. We ended the weekend with partner yoga :) I have to say that Dave is never quite certain of it, then he usually says he enjoyed it and I see a smile on his face and the next day he complains of his body aching….well if you haven’t stretched in a while what do you expect? But it truly was great helping each other stretch and then simply relaxing while the other did a little massage . The yoga postures were simple yet dynamic and it was great seeing my yoga teacher again. One other nice thing I noticed is that unlike prior lessons, we didn’t fall or waver when we did poses which means we trust each other much more then the first time we went there. This is basically true, since the birth of our son we are closer more reliant on each other and trust us so much more too.
It is a nice feeling that of knowing your relationship is maturing and becoming better with time.


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