green bbqs

This morning, I was searching how to do your own weaning recipes and came across baby-led weaning which captivated my interest and was going to post some info on it. Then this afternoon while scrolling through the green websites I saw BBQs……since it’s the barbeque season I changed minds and decided to post on green bbqs instead and leave baby weaning for another time.

Now 2 things I wasn’t aware of is that:

  1. charcoal bbqs contain more carbon monoxide than anything else and gas bbqs are better for the environmental footprint.
  2. It takes 1,916 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef , and cattle produce enormous amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas that’s almost 20 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. So adding more veg and reducing meat in bbqs goes a long way to being green.

(the above info was found on

Other ways to have a green bbq is also common sense; like not using throwaway cutlery & tableware, use the recycling system to throw rubbish and of course buy organic as much as possible.

Also keeping the bbq lid closed produces more efficient cooking as heating is distributed more evenly.

So people enjoy barbequeing but please go green!


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