working mom or stay at home mom??

Before my little baby was born, I had it all planned – I will have 5 months maternity, David will have 3 months after me and then we will leave our boy with family and I will carry on working as usual for another year. After that the idea wasn’t as clear, I’d love another kid of course and I’d like a job that keeps me nearer to home and something completely different but I had planned till July next year only! Now that I have basically a month & week left before I return to my 8 to 5 work I am not quite convinced of this decision. I am happy that Dave will get 3 months with Greg but after that? I’d love to be the one to be with him again. I wish to be able and exploit to its best my parenting method, since as much as they care and as much as they try to keep to the parenting style I choose, every one has their own methods, beliefs and ideas. Besides, I will lose 3 months of constant care and milestones and I’d rather not loose anymore!

Seeing him at the moment playing in his gym, kicking, grabbing and rolling over. Gurgling with the animals conversation like, getting frustrated at something and I swear I also belief he is jealous of my laptop since whenever I log on to blog or just search stuff he starts crying for attention! It’s an inspiration in itself. It might be hard work but really I think at the moment the only one which will ever feel full filling. Capturing those moments on camera and seeing them again gives you such a rush of emotion and I wonder how this young man of mine will be when he is grown, how hard it will be to see him let go of me as a lifeline and taking his independent steps…. and so I think, I should live every possible second with him so I can capture every still moment of our lives and not think of working for whatever excuse.

I have half a solution in my head but I wonder if it will work and there’s no way of knowing before August!(don’t be too curious nothing extraordinary but well maybe it is on my island…will keep you posted). Now I gotta go puppy realised I am typing and started howling for his momma.


3 thoughts on “working mom or stay at home mom??

  1. It is such a hard decision. But everything you said makes me think you have already made up your mind you just have to find a way to make it work. For me, staying home is the best option. I don’t want to offend anyone or make anyone upset, but I truly love spending my days with my babies. I have often thought that I would much rather be at home scrubbing toilets and making lunches than being at a desk from 8-5. I wouldn’t have it any other way because as we all know life is very short and the time we have with our children is even shorter.


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