Aromatherapy time

Hi for this weeks’ aromatherapy section, I will discuss Camomile. Firstly let me say there are 2 types of camomile, German camomile & Roman camomile; generally speaking when recipes for ailments are made they are usually refering to the Roman variety. Although both are camomile, they do not have the same healing properties. I myself will be writing on Roman Camomile or Anthemis nobilis/ Chamaemelum nobilis. Camomile as Lavender is very versitile and uses can overlap, in fact used together you should get even better results. One example we can use is how both Lavender & Camomile are good for child use. Camomile diluted with a carrier oil will help an infant with his teething ( i.e. when he is not in great pain as no matter how much I love home remedies, I found that hysterical crying by my son due to teething pain got no better with Camomile). A weak herbal tea or a few drops in the bath will calm a fretful child.

Camomile has been used for over 4000 years; its flowers used to scent clothes and linen, to scent the hair, deter flies and more. It is good for the following uses: inflammation, aches and pains, insomnia, vomiting, restlessness, tension, irritability among others.

Face oil– for a good rest (also said to help wrinkles)

5ml jojoba oil

10ml apricot kernel oil

5ml rosehip seed oil

4 drops rose oil

2 drops camomile oil

2 drops neroli oil

mix them together apply to face and let it be absorbed. After 5 mins remove excess oil with a tissue.


5ml olive oil

1 drop camomile

1 drop tea tree

mix in an egg cup then gently heat standing cup in water. Dip cotton wool in mixture and place in effected ear. You can do it twice a day.

headache– make a cold compress ie ice cold water & a drop of camomile

sore eyes – camomile teabag, 1 drop oil & 10ml witch hazel. Put teabag in a mug, add the oil, pour boiling water (not more than 100ml) cover and let cool ten remove the bag add the witch hazel to water, transfer to a bottle shake well. dip small compresses in the mixture and place over closed eyes for 10 minutes.

Enjoy your home remedies and happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “Aromatherapy time

  1. Great info! I’ve heard that camomile has a lot of health benefits but I didn’t know that it’s good for sore eyes too. TFS.

    Thank you also for stopping by and leaving a comment. I will definitely try that. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Thanks for the information. Those are wonderful tips. I love cammomile. It is one of the most healing plants. I'm merely a drinker, and drink to cleanse my system. I don't take or believe in man made medicine, and when I am physically ill I resolve it internally. This is so external things don't mess with my well being – and distort my view. If I feel like it, I will pick and drink a 100% plant, and that helps to keep myself in balance, as it does not affect me in anyway. Great blog you have here.


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