Il Majjistral National Park

This is an endemic plant of Malta unfortunately I forgot the name

Yesterday, we went together with my cousin & her husband to a free guided walk of the Majjistral National Park located in the northern part of the island- extending from Golden Bay to Popeye village. It was my first visit there and we all quite enjoyed the 2 hr or so walk. The actual park is still basic or rather left in its original state. However there are no fences or some kind of marker to show where it starts and finishes and no public conveniences by the entrances (which I think would be a nice plus) and no warden huts so that people can pass it, take informative leaflets and sign themselves (so the admin will have an approx. idea how many people are visiting). There is a plaque though showing the entrances and routes to take around the park just outside it.

This is called a Girna

Analise the guide who took us around was quite knowledgeable and I got to know that we have more than one plant endemic only to our islands. That although our island looks arid especially in Summer, there is lots of life to be seen. The area was spectacularly intersperesed with wild thyme in bloom which filled your sensesc with its aroma at certain places (and were told in peak Summer it will actually be all over). There were fantastic views of huge expanses of land with fallen boulders into the sea, a sunset to remember and an old mediaval settlement.

View of the Cliffs

Although the area is a park, there is still some farmland and there are still to be seen the hunting huts (which I know the park is working hard to have the hunters out- please sign the petition).

Sunset at the park

It was an amazing experience and am looking forward to the next activity which also includes a bit of astronomy. I recommend all Maltese to support the park (which can be visited anytime for free) and take part in the activities they do. You can contact them on

Beautiful cliffs view

All the above pictures are courtesy of my cousin Priscilla & her husband Joe


3 thoughts on “Il Majjistral National Park

  1. Sounds like a wonderful enjoyable walk. I too love walking around and discovering archaeological findings whether it be nearly destroyed or in complete figurine. It is always amazing to find such pieces as you connect with the locality and feel it's depth when it was there.


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