Summer conundrum

My puppy is refusing the bottle, claims my breast as pacifier and when crying he most often calms down on me only. I should worry, especially since I am due to go back to work in a months’ time. And yet, whenever it happens my heart sings….I wonder sometimes if that is normal or just my selfish feelings. Hubby gets angry sometimes that the baby wants me more and that what he’s been doing since birth, seems not good at all right now. I do feel bad for him coz if you think about it, its quite frustrating that your son, the one you are used to feeding in the evening and calming at night now wants only mummy and nothing else will do. I’d be quite jealous myself if it happened to me. However, my instinct tells me that puppy will know his mamma is not around when the time comes and he will be ok feeding from the bottle and letting daddy snuggle him and calm him to sleep. I do still worry about it, but, I suppose it is natural and when it happen s I hang on to my instinct and believe in it.
Since nowadays I read a lot of blogs from other mummys, I have that awareness, that once I stop spending my whole day lazing at home, playing with my son, I will loose so much of his development and it will nag me for the rest of my life. In this respect, who’s been following, knows that I’m gonna try convince my boss to start working from home and if you think that’s ok, please note here in Malta that is not the norm yet, though slowly growing in popularity. I haven’t gone far into thinking and what if he says no….I’m keeping positive and will look on a decision if the need arises; I’m betting he will accept but if you people pray I will appriciate all the good vibes coming our way.


4 thoughts on “Summer conundrum

  1. I do hope you can work it out so that you can spend more time with your baby. My granddaughter is just nine weeks old and I've been with them since her birth wouldn't trade it for anything.


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