Leave a comment challenge

I decided to take part in a challenge, that of giving 1000 comments to other bloggers by the end of the month…..its quite tough considering, but interesting anyhow and I end up going into a lot of interesting blogs. The contest/challenge is being held by a blogger called Harriet. She seems very sweet and interesting to get to know.

On a different note Greg woke up sick today….throat and was given antibiotics….I should have asked if I can do anything else rather then antibiotics, but I felt tonguetied and possibly was hearing my paniced husband in my mind to – he ain’t much for natural therapy…maybe one day I’ll convince him- anyhow its only 3 days so I guess that’s not bad….feeling however down seeing my puppy in pain, hot and confused. At least he is sleeping a lot (of course he wants to do so on me heh so I cant move or he wakes crying shikes!) which makes life for him hurt free and mine noise free.

I also went in a new site today…5 minutes for faith and it is really nice. Maybe you too can have a look see, it gives nice insights to us Catholics.


8 thoughts on “Leave a comment challenge

  1. Good luck with the comment challenge. I did it last month too & did make the 1000 comments. The best one to comment on is Wordless Wednesday, you can get a lot of comments in with that one.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great day. šŸ™‚


  2. Thanks for stopping by! I have lost track of my comment counts every day! I suck at this. Thanks for the Writers Workshop comments. Everyone was so positive and motivating!


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