4 months ago from facebook

I wrote a note on facebook and then thought it was worth putting it down here as well….

Since my blog started, I haven’t written here which is a bit of a
shame….but then everyone I have on my friend list received a notification to
visit or follow my blog….anyhow, today I decided to write again.Greg is now 4
months, he smiles, chuckles, rolls, grabs things, gets angry when he can’t do
something and started to prefer mommy and her boobys ……daddy gets angry at
this but I can ‘t do anything! He’s been sick since yesterday, but already
better. Greg also loves going for long walks till late at night and hanging out
with people (till he tires out that is then he just wants home and quiet). It is
amazing seeing these changes happening and a character might soon be forming. My
friend Jenny who’s son is a month younger and I had posted about her birth
misadventure, is doing great and Heath is progressing very well…..a shame our
sons won’t play together…I still miss her as she is a woman with whom I found
easy to talk to and being both mommies, we would have had both someone with whom
to share our happiness and worries. Yet, I have found a lot of help and support
from other mom bloggers who write their experience to share…not the same
really but so much grateful for that.Life till the end of this month has been
relaxed and happy, keeping house, playing with Greg and meeting family and
friends…now have to go back to work….I can’t truly say I missed it, but, I
won’t mind a slight change in my days again to see which I like most. Actually I
do think I already know but still…..Dave will take over as prime caregiver and
housekeeper. I know he’s up to the challenge and I got no doubt he will manage
it (possibly with some help from his mom) and actually am proud of him for doing
it. Greg will cry and refuse to eat the first few days due to his mama obsession
but they will then get on like a house on fire.Do I mind staying home, not
travelling, not going to concerts, late nights out etc? the answer a big no! I
am impressed of myself especially since travelling is my passion but having a
child is also a journey full of wonders and I am loving every moment of it.


15 thoughts on “4 months ago from facebook

  1. Hello Equidae,
    Welcome to Motherhood. Greg sounds like a delightful baby. He will get over his mama obsession with daddy being the primary caregiver, but be prepared to be attacked as soon as you get home in the evenings:)
    Your correct that having a child is a journey by itself 🙂


  2. What an excellent post. The joys of parenthood must be tremendous. You are going to be fantastic. I use to do facebook but then my blog started and well it's history now…facebook that is 🙂 Aloha my friend 🙂


  3. Your notes are well takin' Its hard being a mom in the beginning and babies don't make it easy. I just wrote a post about what I go through for the last 13-14m. I've been a sahm now for 4 yrs its certainly is a change. I thank god that I have women or fellow bloggers that stop by and comment makes me feel better and keeps my sanity at check. HUGS it gets easier. LUV THE pics of your little man he's so sweet.


  4. Thanks for the sweet comment!! Your baby is adorable! Motherhood is indeed quite the journey, and it's just so rewarding!! can't wait to see what the little guy does next! they're so fun at this age!


  5. hi thank you for the comment you left on my blog today. I understand your guilt but please you do not have to feel guilty. Instead, I ask you to be the best mom to your baby as you can and to treasure the miracle that your child is. That's the most important thing you can do as a mother. 🙂


  6. Great post! Kids grow so fast. My daughter is now almost 14 months. I Love seeing the changes in her personality and character! Stopping by from Harriets Comment Challenge!


  7. I hope your baby is feeling better! Thanks for stopping by, I admire your goal of 1,000 comments, I find it difficult to just get a post out, let alone spread the comment love (something I am working on). Have a brilliant Sunday!


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