wordless wednesday

I do not know its name if someone does please let me know…but I liked it!


30 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. I think they call this a vlas. I'm not sure but I heard someone call a purple vine flower that.

    Btw, Passing by from June Comments challenge…



  2. I have no idea either, but it's very pretty.

    My family and I spent a lovely week in Malta a few years ago (Gozo mainly, actually). I'd love to return for a visit some day.


  3. It's beautiful, whatever its name. Actually it reminded me of this quote I read: “In my garden, it's only a weed if I say it's a weed, otherwise it's a wild flower!” Happy WW and greetings to mysterious MAlta.
    P.S. I loved your singer in Eurovision this year!


  4. Beautiful grounded connections. I don't usually know their names neither. I think what matters the most, is their nature of life and our appreciation of that moment. 🙂


  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was in Malta in January and fell in love. Told my husband we had to move there, that there were plenty of other Catholics. It was the only place on the trip (outside of Rome) where I felt comfortable wearing my cross! (I was also in Turkey & Egypt) Once again, thank you for all of the advice about babies.


  6. oh wow that's really pretty 🙂 i don't know the name of it either. my nana might, i could ask her.

    and thanks for dropping by and commenting on my site 🙂 hope to see you again.


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