wordless wednesday

My puppy discovered his feet 2 weeks ago, here he is playing with them and trying to put them in his mouth

27 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. I found you through Wordless Wednesday and read a few posts. You are one lucky duck! I now believe that I will absolutely HAVE to visit Malta one day!!! Swing by my blog for a little look at the Canadian way of life. wackymummy.blogspot.com



  2. So cute. I so enjoy it when they discover their toes and the need to put them in their mouths. lol

    Hopped over to welcome you to SITS. So glad you've joined the SITStahood.


  3. So precious! Have you tried communicating with him using hand signs? My daughter taught my granddaughter to use her fists(because she keeps her hands mostly balled up and doesn't yet have finger coordination) to tell us she wants to nurse, have a bottle, or be burped. She can touch her toes, but hasn't figured out yet that she could play with them, so I'm guessing she's a little younger than your sonshine 🙂 They are just adorable fun!


  4. wackymom- you know i was born in Canada but lived most of my life in Malta visited Canada last year as I wanted to see where I was born.
    Sukhmandir Kaur – no never tried the sign language


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