The fishes & random thoughts

I wasn’t going to post today really. Wasn’t quite in the mood but then while I was blog hopping, returning comments and thanking , I went into this blog that I like reading and saw that I was mentioned as due to be given credit. This was such unexpected yet beautiful surprise, that I had to post in the end. So thank you very very much Karie for your mention and who sees this post it would be nice to drop by the fish family. Experience the good, bad, ugly & also funny of 2 wonderful parents and three kids ( twins and singleton). You will not regret it for sure and want to return for more! I hope you passed a great day Mrs fish.


Greg hugs my neck nowadays when I pick him up 🙂 and I love the feeling that it gives me ( loved, needed & wanted). He’s also rolling the whole way now which is sweet to see. Will miss my days with him now I am about to go back to work!


Saw this slide show on treehugger of beautiful waterfalls and thought of sharing it; so if you wish to view it please go on the hereunder link.


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