I tried this new recipe for a face mask which I really liked and so thought of posting it here; its good for all skin types apart for sensitive skin.

1 slice of wholemeal bread
approx 1 tbsp honey preferably organic
3 drops pure cedarwood oil
1 drop pure lavender oil

toast the bread till blackened then blend it till almost dust. Add enough honey to form a thick paste and add the drops. Apply to face and neck, leave for 10 mins and rinse with warm water.


5 thoughts on “aromatherapy

  1. Ewwww that sounds so delicious and will for sure have to try that out. My skin is either dry from the heat or dry from the cold, and every other time so oily so this sounds fabulous! Enjoy your weekend and your moments with Puppy before going back to work….hopefully an opportunity will arise for you to stay home with him.


  2. Better than the toast would be to use oatmeal you can blend it in a food processor till it's powder then add the ingredients. Oatmeal is EXCELLENT for all skin types but especially sensitive.
    Stopping by from SITS


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