Turtles and swimming

So my maternity leave is officially over and tomorrow I am off to work in my office by the sea which however I can’t enjoy at all-sigh- However, I spent a wonderful end of maternity today if one can say such a thing!

There was going to be the release of about 10 sea turtles back to the ocean after they had been treated for being caught up in fishing hooks etc. It was a great experience being there to watch such a beautiful event.

However this experience was tainted due to the lack of organisation of the governmental organisation who held this activity as they let the people get too near the turtles and didn’t let them proceed as peacefully as they should have.

After this great event we remained at the beach me and Greg with my cousins and enjoyed the rest of the morning. Gregory really loves the sea and you can see huge smiles on him even in the coldish water 🙂 I have some pics of him which my cousin will be sending me and will then post.

The above pictures were meant to be taken by myself but Gregory chose that time to feed so I had him in my sling drinking and my cousin Priscilla took the pics for me. Thanks Pris and great shots 🙂


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