A week already passed

Already a week passed since I went back to work….it actually passed quite quickly. The days at the office seem to be flying (possibly coz i am busy!) and I quickly reunite with my puppy, who waits for me with open arms as soon as I get home(well I think he is more waiting for my boob as that is the first thing he wants from me and only gives me a smile after he is satisfied!).
David is doing a great job at home – lots of hugs to you – and I am convinced more than ever before of the good decision that we took of him taking over as prime care giver for 3 months. Our puppy is also growing in leaps and bounds as he is suddenly sitting on his own and he isn’t loosing balance as often as before. He is also as I said opening his arms towards us whenever he wants to be held. When he is in displeasure of something he makes it known with a lot of grunts and whines haha and when happy he laughs out loud to us (a laugh which I never tire of hearing).
Working is so much easier really than caring for a baby isn’t it? I come home and I don’t feel tired and look forward to my time with Greg and yet, I wish I were home with him just now instead of stuck in this office (where I am supposed to be working but decided to take a break). In fact, although I was welcomed with open arms and relief (it seems quite a few people missed me), and although I now feel slightly guilty, I will still pass my notice at the end of Summer. Looking so much forward for Christmas as after the holidays, I will stop working (please God) and Greg will also have his 1st birthday 🙂 and a whole new life would be opening up for me.


3 thoughts on “A week already passed

  1. Hello!

    I feel very blessed that I never had to work outside the house once our kids were born. I would imagine that you are looking forward to being home, but yes, it's very tiring!!! ;^)

    And you have a puppy, too? Wow! You are amazing! :^)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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