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I haven’t given you a recipe for a while and yesterday I did this Sicilian cheesecake which was really scrumptious and so I thought of passing it on. Now if there is someone from Sicily out there I would love to know if this is really something they do there but anyway its how it is named on my recipe book….

125 gr crushed plain chocolate biscuits
90gr melted butter
2 tsp gelatin
1 tbs water
1kg rikotta or some cottage cheese
110 gr icing sugar
2 tsp vanilla essence
120 gr grated dark chocolate

Line the base and sides of a cake pan with baking paper. combine crumbs and butter and press firmly over the pan base. REfrigirate. Sprinkle gelatin over water, stand over a pan of simmering water till dissolved and cool slightly ( I never use gelatin instead I freeze the whole cake for 2 hrs and its the same result), Beat cheese, sugar and vanilla, add the grated chocolate and if using the gelatin, spoon over base of cake pan and refrigirate or freeze for a couple of hours.



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