wake up call

It’s round about 5 am and I am sleeping happily, when a sudden tug in my hair wakes me up followed by more such tugs! My sweet 6 month old has woken up and wants me to know and to get up and to play-ugh-. I try breastfeeding him in the hope he drinks and sleeps, but, he is not interested so I try and ignore him but nothing do, so I wake up hubby and by 5.45 a m, we give up and get out of bed.

So now we decided to join for an early morning walk with my in laws (which they have been doing for years). At 6 with the air still cool, the sun warm but not hot, the stillness of the waking village and the smell of freshness all around us, we wind up through the country roads in our village. I love this time for a walk as very few people are around and the quietness gives you a sweet slow waking of the senses. By 7 we are home for breakfast, wash and work preparation.

Greg, sometimes sleeps half way through the walk and at other times he doesn’t sleep before 9 am! He loves the fresh air and looking at the outside world; having a shower with his mama and playing (of course) at this time of the day. The only problem is that like today I still felt woolley headed …. even after the walk and shower and breakfast and only now at midday do I feel any better!

And yet, I love my wake up call….what better way to start the day than looking at your son and have him giving you the widest and biggest smile possible (although, I wouldn’t mind if sometimes he lets me sleep that extra hour!)


4 thoughts on “wake up call

  1. Aw, that is so sweet! I miss when my son was a baby and he would do that. Nowadays it's a tap on the shoulder followed by the words 'mom I'm hungry!'….thanks for sharing that. And thanks for visiting my blog today!
    Have a great evening!


  2. SO SWEET! My son sleeps in our bed but he doesn't wake me up he sneaks out and tries to get into stiff when he knows he can. NAUGHTY of course he's almost 3 so that does make a difference 🙂


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