history recall with award

Blogging was never on my mind, I actually didn’t even know it existed until a friend of mine told me she had a blog to keep us all updated on their life, went in it and saw what it actually was.

Although Malta is quite small, we don’t meet as often as we’d like to with friends and family, so I thought it nice to send them updates on Greg’s growth and our own life (or more correctly my thoughts). Besides, I was at the time searching a lot on parenting since the normal style used in Malta was not to my liking and so I stumbled on 5 minutes for parenting and through there on other blogs and even more blogs. I was actually surprised at the many mummy blogs I found and the info in them. My original idea evolved somewhat as I saw other blogs and their input in them etc. Yet I still keep my simple ways as much as possible and therefore, this award by Karie at The Five Fish came as a nice surprise.

I think I met Karie through SITS (not sure) and somehow, we clicked and apart for comments on our blogs we also email each other now and then. I really do hope to get to know her even more and to one day meet as she herself said :). Blogging showed me a different life. One where I can be more myself and meet other mothers who pass through the same moments and so you feel less isolated. One where you can make friends and exchange ideas. I am thankful to all those who follow my blog and to those who pass by now and then and even more thankful to all those moms who have helped me in one way or another. A special thank you goes most naturally to Karie and I hope you pass a great day and weekend.
I am meant to pass this award on and I chose 3 bloggers to pass it to.
Magaly @ Pagan Culture: I love learning new things and I like a lot paganism, witches etc and her blog is very interesting and I really enjoy the debate type questions she puts on it.
Alicia @ It ain’t easy being cheesy: Her posts makes me laugh so much 🙂 and she always comes by to say hi!
Stephanie @ Adventures in babywearing: She answered my questions on cloth diapering and baby carriers within 24 hrs when I asked and she has so much to give to new moms that her blog is a wonderful resource. Her blog is a dedication to her children with all the photo posts and always great to see 🙂
I hope you all have a great weekend and to speak to you soon! HUGS to all.

3 thoughts on “history recall with award

  1. Malta! How nice. I've been through there while traveling in Europe during my Sorbonne years.

    Thanks for stopping by my ZenCupcake.com blog. I'll check yours out too! Have a great day!



  2. thanks for the award, i posted it tonight 🙂 and i'm so glad you found your way to blogging, i love reading all about your family and your life in malta!


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