random thoughts

Yesterday whilst driving back home from work for some reason I thought of a fellow blogger. Her daughter is the same age as my niece and wondered if they have the same birth day. Than I remebered that Gregory will have his lucky birthday on the 21st just like mine was and from there wondered how he’d spend that day or if we’d do a party or if I’ll live long enough to see it….and than I realised that it was better to keep it simple as I was doing up till then and think only of the present or possibly the very near future.

Started reading a book about Paganism cos one of the blogs I enjoy following is a pagan and in reality I wasn’t quite sure what that meant and since it interested me I got this book A woman’s guide to the Earth Tradition by Vivianne Crowley. I haven’t read more than a dozen pages but it seems I am more a pagan than a Roman Catholic….I wonder where this book will lead me in my ongoing journey called life but seems an interesting twist will follow 🙂

It seems that unconsciously I have made a sleeping habit for Gregory. Between 8 and 830 pm, we go into bed switch off the lights and he goes down to sleep (most of the time holding on to my booby ha!). At this point I switch the lights back on and read for a little while….but I like this habit and he seems to like it to. He knows that lights off means bed time and he settles down quickly to sleep.

Usually I complain a lot during Summer that every other day I hear firework bombs going of from the different feasts that are happening on the island. This year they either reduced them a lot or else I was too distracted with Gregory to hear them!

This morning I cried coz my car tyres needed to be pumped which resulted in me being half hour late at work and that results in half hour less with Gregory since I have to stay on….never thought I’d cry for such a thing which doesn’t seem too bad! But made me realise that by the end of the month I have to hand in my notice or I’ll go bonkers.


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