Summer evenings

Here I am relaxing in my hammock on the roof of my house in the balming evening. Maltese Summer evenings are quite nice….a cool breeze rustles your hair, the bells of the Church can be heard, the occasional car passing, some child crying, birds twittering, a dog barking….I had forgotten to listen & see the beautiful evenings we get, but having a child some how made me remember the beauty of such simplicity.

Gregory is sleeping, so we went on the roof, took a glass of rose wine, did a bbq and ate in peace together. After clearing everything, I am here in my hammock blogging, while Dave waters the plants. Its so relaxing this silence….the no need to do something every second coz Gregory wants to play and discover every little extra second of his waking hour!

I will now enjoy some more this little quietness (since Greg napped only and is now awake -sigh) and hopefully he will sleep again pretty soon and I can do some beauty treatments to myself.

Wish you all a sweet evening full of peace and quietness!

Blessings to you all.


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