winter blues

There are so many things on my mind but when I come to express them into words nothing coherent comes out! Thinking about it really, its no different from any other year. For some reason come end of August I will be aching for Winter and its schedule. I admit I loved this Summer…so many activities and much more beach and more time with family and friends. It was fantastic really….yet….Winter always has a lot of changes for me which are normally quite positive and after the dormant Summer months of heat and sweat and short tempers, I always look forward to the cooler months (which don’t really start before December anyway- the cold that is!).

There’s excitement and uncertainty this year and of course Gregory’s first birthday and Christmas and hopefully his first tooth and words 🙂 Oh so many things need to get forth but none able to communicate. My mind is scattered all over the place. I am in need of a turnover- make a list of priorities, do a spring cleaning of the house and light candles & incense sticks to refresh and get rid of the bad vibes 🙂 and review my year so far and what is next ahead! Now the problem lays in WHEN I can do such *sigh* my target date is to start all this on Friday the 4th when there is the full moon and I start my regular yoga class with a beach class in the moonlight, celebrating life, earth and nature all together in control, all as one 🙂

Blessings to all may your mind is clearer than mine!


4 thoughts on “winter blues

  1. It seems like this year flew by… the years just keep getting “shorter”. I know about feeling a little “frazzled”, with so many things to do. I am starting to feel that way now as the holidays are fast approaching. Good luck with everything, and although it's easier said than done, try not to worry too much! 🙂 I'm sure yoga will help you relax a little.


  2. Oh my friend we are in the same boat. I too look for winter with cooler weather and an ease. Here the weather is way too hot and hardly bearable for outdoor activities, even swimming. I know I need to take some time to get my mind clear….I am due for a refresher. Here's to yoga and relaxation.


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