Yoga under the setting sun

First of all thank you for reading my ranting yesterday and all the encouraging comments! I have to say, that after playing a while with my son and doing yoga I was back in shape and forgot all about tourism issues! and now I wish to share a most wonderful experience I had yesterday evening.

This to your right is called ghajn tuffieha bay; in Summer it is not so green of course, however, the beauty of it can still be seen and felt. Yesterday, my yoga instructor, held a lesson on this wonderful beach at sunset. We were I guess around 20 people there ranging from an 8 year old to over 50 year olds. We had an easy class and yet the sheer joy of being outdoors with other people doing yoga was an amazing experience.

A cool breeze carressed my body and the dappled rays of the setting sun lit up the bay and gave us that bit of warmth. the playful waves hit the beach and lulled me into a peaceful, serene being. I literally felt the tension of the day falling off my body and relaxing me. I was doing bridge pose and saw the sky dotted with white clouds and it felt amazing. I was doing fish pose and saw the hill at the back of the beach, majestic with the first star just poking on the horizon and felt empowered by its beauty. We than sat and just watched the last few seconds of the dying day….a red nearly transperent sun, a sky filled with colours of blue, orange and red and the sea calm reflecting the sun’s rays. In that moment of stillness I forgot everything else that was surrounding me, forgot the people all around, didn’t hear the shouts, laughs and conversations of the other sunbathers….it was just me the sunset, the breeze, a twittering bird and the waves. After deep relaxation, we watched the sky, still blue looking infinite and felt myself lost in its vastness. In the end we formed a circle, held each others’ hands and left our energies to flow and mix, to thank mother earth for what was given to us for free everyday. My heart felt lighter, my body felt straighter, my face bore a smile that lit possibly the skies. I thanked my teacher, said byes to fellow yoginis I knew and went back to my family who came to enjoy the beach. Fed my son and myself and just a few minutes later left to go back home, coz Gregory wished to sleep. On our way we finally saw the full moon and felt happy that i lived in this world with all its ups and down.



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