It finally happened!

This morning I gave in my notice. I practiced and imagined the scenario possibly a million times plus and as always it was completely different from what I thought. I feel sooo relieved now and happy but also a bit sad!

I’ve worked for this company 10 years and have to admit that I had a very good boss, the pay’s good and generally speaking I was happy working here. At the same time, I felt the need for a change for quite sometime and never took it up. Than with the birth of my son, I thought that like many other mothers, I will go back normally to work after maternity.

These past 2 months have been fine since hubby took over as caregiver. But, next month he has to return back to work and our little puppy has to be split 3 days a week at my mother in law and 2 days a week at my aunt. We have been doing kinda trial runs so they get used to Gregory and he to them and things have been going really smooth, but, I feel that its me and Dave who should do the upbringing and no one else and so the decision was taken for me to stop working. Giving in my notice was very hard, as I already said 10 years is not exactly a short time and my boss was always accommodating in any requests. So after working myself into a state of utter nervousness, the opportunity arose and told him. He was obviously shocked and I felt so bad I started to cry….however, he’s been understanding, accepted my notice with good grace (not without trying first to get me to change minds or go part time etc) and so officially my last working day is 7th November….can’t wait!


5 thoughts on “It finally happened!

  1. Good luck Mel! Work is important but the family is more and since you were not comfortable and it shows that you prefer to be with your cute little son, i admire your courage and decision. :)) Well done & Good luck xxx Audrey


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