A day with nanna & nannu

Knowing we were going to the grandparents for the day Gregory woke up at 5 am very excited. Me, his mom felt the same excitment waking up at that hour! Anyhow, by 8.30 we were at my parents and after a few minutes there we made our way to the swings which are opposite their house.

here he is enjoying himself

and look at that smile!

After the swings we went for a short walk and here he is with his nanna Carmen

He loved the walk but half way through he prefered to stay on my mom than in the pushchair. We got home, and soon after my dad came home and we decided on an early lunch….my mom did baked rice which was super delicious and Gregory loved it! However, he prefered feeding himself and here he is ‘eatin’ near me…..

After he played with the rabbits …….

//www.youtube.com/get_playerHere is a short video of his idea ..how to play with rabbits!

Watched the cats, while of course he tried to cature them and loved looking at the dog! WE than went to the fields and we played with rocks, soil, cups and also ate grapes.

Daddy than joined us for the rest of the afternoon. We helped grandpa to feed the animals, we played more with grandma, and in the end satisfied and tired went home and here he is 2 mins after I started driving home.


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