Soaps Part 2

My overdue follow up of the soaps review is finally coming to light! So sorry but really, promise, I will soon have time again to do more things here once I stop working in November…or well I hope so!!

Just to remind you all, a blog friend of mine, Karie, sent me a few soap samples and I wished to do a review for her even if this is normally not my sort of thing hehe. The company is called Sudzational Faith Love & Soap Co. and the soaps are sweet and cheap so perfect to use just for yourself or to give as a gift. I have now tried the following soaps which I liked and I hope you will

like to if you decide to try them!

This beauty soap here will leave you drunk….ok I am exagerating! but the Christmas in July, is a blend of spices and beer and is really great. It lathers up wonderfully and the smell although slightly masculine, is nice also for a woman. I loved it very much. I still have to convince hubby to use it but he doesn’t quite like soaps…

As you can see here we have a lovely cocoa blend….and it is made of real cocoa ! It didn’t lather much I think but the skin felt fresh and yummy after šŸ™‚ and frankly…you’d feel like eating it as real choc.

For my first half of the review please go to the following link. Or else go directly to Karie’s website to see more soaps. Deliveries are made worldwide.


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