Random thoughts Sunday 20

Autumn seems to have started early in Malta for a change. I know however that the rain and cool weather will most probably last a week or so and than the sun will shine fiercer than before till at least November with only the evening to show that we changed seasons.

Apart for Gregory who upon consulting the doctor told me he is developing a cold and to give him calpol (which in America if not mistaken is found as Tynol? or something like that!) would you give it to him yourselves for 3 days even if he hasn’t got fever? I don’t like medicines much and wish to find alternatives and thoughts would be appreciated!!

Yesterday a did a list of things that need to be bought, things that need to be sorted etc and re worked out budget for when I am at home….since I enjoy doing such things and especially when the weather is changing I had fun. I will take a pic later of the bad weather haha which probably would have already turned into good weather but…..and post it along 🙂


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