the count down is on…

The count down is on as I got only 3 weeks left to work and can finally be officially a SAHM. Plans very much abound for the how I am spending my time, starting of with the new website, mamascircle which I have been doing together with a girl friend of mine I met at the prenatal classes. We have big yet modest plans which I hope will eventually get to be a success.

Apart for that, I decided to take things easy till the end of the year so that me and my little puppy can get used to the new routine again slowly and after will start adjusting to add a few things here and there. It will defenitely not be easy to care for a baby who has been given free reign while I was at work and so can be a bit testy at times 🙂 but am positive I will do good changes to him and meet up with a variety of new people whilst in this new position.

I am also going to be a featured reader at La Dolce Vita as from 18 October, and I do hope you will hop by her blog and leave some comment love :). La Dolce Vita not only features fellow bloggers but makes it into a competition and who gets the most comments win one of her beautiful creations. So in view of the competition ahead I kindly ask you to leave me comments ,so you know, I can win something once in a blue moon!!

This a very busy week actually with hubby having an opening to an exhibition he is taking part in today – good luck luvely- and at the same time attend a birthday party of one of our best friends Gabs – happy birthday & lots of hugs- and than this weekend we are planning to visit the Octoberfest which promises, food, booze & entertainment (but its good enough to just meet our friends!) and possibly starting hikes next week with my cousins- yay- in view of which I would be posting pics of my island (Well not quite mine but you know what I mean right?) to get you to know Malta better. Oh yes and I am soon off for a weekend break in our sister island of Gozo! Can’t wait!!!! and therefore as from next week, I should finally start posting more regularly and with more sense 🙂 but if I don’t be patient…I am still a bit in the hanging on mood of waiting, waiting for the end of the month and my new life experience.

In the meantime I wish you all a grand Wed!


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