down hearted

At the moment feeling sad! I just saw in my hands the perfect opportunity for my yoga teacher training and just as quickly it went away from my grasp! Money…why everything has to be expensive ? There is a workshop for teachers & teachers wanna be and another intensive course and unless I win the lottery this week I Will have to pass.

I feel heavy hearted 😦 maybe it would have been better if I never got to know about it. A bit of a disappointing end to an otherwise perfect weekend.


2 thoughts on “down hearted

  1. Sorry things are so difficult right now. By the Gods, I know what you are going through. I've been going through this “what am I going to do academically” phase and I'm losing my mind. The perfect program is thousands of miles away from me and doesn't start until next year. I can't start anything here because there is only 9 months in between–I could have a baby I guess lol.

    Last week I was near tears most of the time. I had headaches and everything. Then I took a break and examined what I was doing to myself. I was making things more difficult than they had to be. Yes, it kind of sucks that I can't start my perfect program right now, but there is a local program–that if I put my heart into it–will be just as good. So I am going to try it; in January.

    I'm not trying to say that our complications are so similar, although money has been one of my issues too. What am trying to say is to give it a few days and things might not seem as awful as today.

    I am going to get something to eat and send some positive energy your way. I meditate and ask for clarity of thought for us both 😉


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