How has motherhood changed me

This week I am trying a new thing! Mamakat makes a writer’s workshop prompt every week which you can join and write about. There are 5 of these and the one I decided to write about is how has motherhood changed me!

I admit, the change had been happening prior to me being pregnant but it kind of went fast forward when that happened. Since than I see and yet not quite see the changes in me and possibly people who know me will argue about it to.

To start with I am a very nervous person and yet from the moment I knew I was pregnant I tried to practice patience. When Gregory was born, I was amazed at the amount of patience I managed to master and saw the many benefits that has reaped as well. Motherhood, made me more relaxed—I used to worry about my appearance, how people preceived me, if they’d like me ( I always had a low self esteem from a very young age), but motherhood changed all that. I do things that please me and that makes me and my family happy and I don’t think twice about it. I am more accepting & more open hearted and basically life seems a much better place 🙂

Motherhood changed me in a lot of ways and I am thankful of these changes. My son, my little ray of sunshine, shows me everyday how I can be a better person and because of him and for him I do my best to change accordingly.

How had motherood changed you or envisage it will change you?


8 thoughts on “How has motherhood changed me

  1. One of my BFFs from high school commented on my scary mom post (come on over and see it). I replied that we never realized the level our problem-solving skills would used-LOL. Of couse, I don't think I ever realized all the things that go in a day, the bottomless love for my children and the levels of love, anger, and hope I have discovered.

    Yep! I'll concur. I didn't have a clue!


  2. Visiting from Mama Kats…

    I agree with you…it is amazing how motherhood changes you in these ways. You stop being so self-obsessed, get “out of yourself” and life becomes a much easier place to be. I mean, why worry about how you look when you spend 75% of your day on the floor of your living room or at the park? (At least, that is where I find myself!) Good for you!


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