Our weekend trip

Had a great time in Gozo and Greg simply loved his first short holiday-which is wonderful. We spent 2 days in a great farmhouse (which I would loooove to have as my own home as there is all the space my little puppy needs to run around and discover!), with the wonderful company of family & friends and some memorable moments.

Going there Friday, the weather was incredibly bad with gale force winds and rain. On Saturday Although still very windy, the sun popped out now and than and so we went for a long walk (approx 6 hours) which started us off from our farmhouse, up to Victoria, down through valleys, saltpans and back. You can see the photos here or some of them will also be put up in my next post :). Today the weather changed to calm, hot and sunny and after an early morning to view the sunrise and a short walk nearby which lead us to see some huge jelly fish, we went back to the farmhouse for relaxation by the pool, karaoke and other games. In the end we made our way back home exhausted, yet blissfully happy with the weekend just passed and am already dreaming of our next break in Gozo!


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