Gozo in pictures

Gozo is the sister island of Malta, approx half its size. Its a laid back island, greener than Malta and wonderful for walks and relaxation.

me & Greg watching the sun rise

Greg enjoying the feel of the grass

Saltpans view

more of the saltpans area

the sea splashing…it was super rough (gale force winds the previous day)

still in tha saltpans area

Greg eating a rock for lunch LOL

hilly Gozo

broken house with furniture inside (only in malta!)


2 thoughts on “Gozo in pictures

  1. These pics are wonderful. I was loving all of Greg's expressions and oh his little face when he is “eating a rock for lunch” lol. I bet that the moisture that touched your face when the sea splashed against the rocks was awesome. And that sky! Okay, I'm going back for a second look-see 😉


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