Me, myself and more of me

I have been tagged by Miss Always Carried Away and basically I am now requested to write 25 random things about me and my life. However, I do not know what I can write about me so I am only listing 10. So here we go!

  1. I love chocolates & fries….I do try and limit myself to once a week but it doesn’t always work and if you were to see me now you’d see how true that is with the many spots I got on my face!

2. Spots are my downfall and from the day I got pregnant I haven’t managed to have a spot free face for more than a week or two!

3. I love nature and can never get enough of it! It saddens me seeing all these people unconcerned about such a beautiful place as our earth!


4. Next week is my last week at work – yay!!! I have a lot on my mind as how to spend my time as a SAHM but haven’t got down to actually see if it is feasible.

5. I don’t drink teas or coffees – GASP- I know I prefer a hot chocolate ( you wouldn’t have guessed eh?)

6. My dream is that mamascircle hits off and I can do an online shop there as well as activities, talks and lots of other things!

7. I hope to start painting again now that I will be at home

8. and do voluntary work with the animal shelter & environmental organisations


9. I wish to become a yoga instructor, but that seems like
a far off dream for now

10. My Favourite colour is blue

Now I should also tag some other bloggers with this but again I am not going to. I hope you don’t mind and wish you all a good day!


4 thoughts on “Me, myself and more of me

  1. Good luck with Mamascircle – hope it takes off!

    If you're going to be home with one or more small children, I wouldn't plan on being able to do a lot of painting. They find ingenious ways to take up all of your time. Trust me.

    Stopping by from SITS to say hello!


  2. Hi,

    I found your blog off a comment you left on “I Choose Bliss”. Your comment about being a SAHM soon caught my attention. That's something I would LOVE to do. but our financial situation right now doesn't allow it:(.


  3. You are too funny. I usually cheat when I get this long things too. I mean, I talk about me all the time–not that I mind lol–but I do run out of things to say.

    I pray you get to become a yoga instructor soon, for you have the soothing personality that makes people want to do better things. Also, I'm right with you when it comes to our Mother Earth–there are times when I want to just break down and cry. I can't understand my fellowmen carelessness at times…

    Oh and there is nothing wrong with loving chocolate, didn't you know that it was one of the major food groups? Well, maybe just in my life and that's enough for me đŸ˜‰


  4. awwwe!!! I've always dreamt to go to Africa and work with wild animals… I think ppl who don't like animals are a bit emotionally limited. Maybe it's cruel but I really think like that.
    Have a great Monday! and thank you that you did this tag!!!


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