Happily exhausted

I feel utterly exhausted! Today, it was originally meant to be a fun relaxing day- visiting an aunt-in-law and her baby, doing some shopping, visiting the library and do mild cleaning. As it turned out the only thing I did was cleaning – of course anything but mild!

In the end when my plan to meet up ended to nothing due to my cold and Jake not quite well either, I decided to forgo all other plans and start the decluttering of the house and dusting of cobwebs πŸ™‚ part 1 is now down but need anther 4 days to finish off! However with this thorough process, I am already feeling my spirits lifting. I always find myself wondering, how our surroundings at home, reflect our own state of mind, body & soul.

I am now off for a well deserved relaxing shower πŸ™‚ by which time, I hope my little puppy will be ready to sleep so I can enjoy my husband over a glass of wine and a DVD….I wish you all a nice weekend and happy halloween to those that celebrate it!


12 thoughts on “Happily exhausted

  1. Oh, I so understand. I'm doing that at the moment too; I have the added incentive of a house party this weekend to celebrate my 40th…40th! Aaargh! It feels so good and how much better you feel with decluttering going on!



  2. i love to clean also! i am so glad to hear that you are getting close to finishing with work. how wonderful for you!! enjoying catching up on your blog and wishing you a wonderful transition! xxx


  3. I hope you had a fabulous night with the hubster (wine and dvd, sound yummy)!

    I also feel better when my house is in order, it is when I am in a world of clutter, that I am at my worst, because of the lack of organization!

    Great post!

    Sassy Chica


  4. I hope that wine was great! I had some myself tonight, in great company I must add, and it was awesome.

    And to follow up on your wondering, I do believe that a mess around the house kind of reflects the state of our spirit. But the effect on us varies from person to person. For instance, I can't do anything when my house is messy, I just feel slow and not very productive. However, my little brother seems to prosper around absolute chaos, which drives me bunkers!


  5. Hi, stopping by from SITS! πŸ™‚

    I love tidying up teh house and organizing things. Hubby usually never notices and messes everything up again but i enjoy the organization for as long as it lasts. πŸ™‚


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