Online surveys, workng at home

I am appealing to anyone who sees my blog and knows if these online surveys that pay you for each survey are real or scams….it would be nice while I am at home to supplement our income with some sort work from home so if you know of anything I would appreciate.



7 thoughts on “Online surveys, workng at home

  1. you know what, i'm not sure about that…but you should look into focus groups! so many of those are geared towards mothers….i'm not sure if they do that in malta though..


  2. Great question….

    I can not comment on the online survey's as I have no experience with them or know of anyone who does…please do keep us posted if and when you find out!

    Sassy Chica


  3. Just like with everything, some are legit and many are not. Unfortunately. But, yeah, even with the legit ones you really don't make much money for them.

    Thank you so much for visiting on my SITS day! It's taken me DAYS to make the rounds! You've got a cool blog. And Malta. Wow. The internet does make the world feel a bit smaller and cozier, don't you think?


  4. There are a few good ones, but do your research. I tried it once, when I broke my hip and the drugs didn't let me think clear enough to write or read. I found a few that paid a buck here, five bucks there… but there were some that would make you fill things out and then tell you that you were not the population they were trying to reach–or something like that and you wouldn't get paid.

    Like I said, do your research first, but don't expect to make a bundle.


  5. I signed up with a company that you go in and do studies with and they pay you. From their database I sometimes get online surveys to do and I have gotten paid every time, but I wouldn't trust just any random survey.


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