A creation of my own-writers workshop

As per mamakat’s weekly prompt, today I chose a creation of my own!

I always enjoyed drawing, but never really tried to use colour n my
creations. Than I met hubby, who is also an artist, who encouraged
me. I haven’t done much I have to say but this was my best colour painting
I did. I am hoping that being at home will give me time to practice

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6 thoughts on “A creation of my own-writers workshop

  1. This is very beautiful! I love it. I also love the prompt, which made me think “I'm not very artistic” then I told myself, “wait a minute! I have my words, but can I challenge myself to do something different with them?”

    I think you inspired me to do so. I've never tried to write poetry. I've always said that I'm not artistic enough for such a thing, but I will. I'll start working on a poem and post it on Sunday. I hope it comes out as great as your flower šŸ˜‰


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