Wednesday update?

Today I tried to change my hair do…..I can’t say I feel inspired, what I need is those people from discovery of What not to wear to help me out…can some one ask them to come to Malta for me?

Other than that we had a fab day 🙂 Greg played with his cousin (bigger by 4 months) and enjoyed it and after we went to Buskett ( our kinda park/forest) and he loved crawling under the pine needles and eating in the sun…. it was nice, quiet and relaxing. I didn’t take the camera with me 😦 and Greg didn’t nap at all…but since he wasn’t cranky we loved the day.

Also believe that this time for real he might soon have a tooth… he’s drooling, gums are white and biting everything he can get his hands on and if nothing is available his fingers will do!

Other random news:

  • possibly starting to volunteer at a dog sanctuary next week or the one after
  • bought Greg some shoes for home (no central heating in Malta) and is suddenly out of them
  • doing yoga home practice
  • tonight am cooking a chicken pie and ravioli (do you get these in the US?)

5 thoughts on “Wednesday update?

  1. I'm thinking of going blonde…we all need those changes from time to time, don't you think? My yoga teacher is on retreat this week and I miss her! Gotta motivate myself to do some practice today. xx


  2. ohhh changing the hair is always fun! what do you have in mind? and it sounds like you guys had a fun day! and that's so cool that you are going to start volunteering at a dog sanctuary, i would love to do that!


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