Since I stopped working, I have seen a sudden progress in Gregory, for which I am mighty pleased.

  1. he started babbling more and now says mama (to the correct person) and now starting to say dada & Glegoly 🙂
  2. he’s gained more confidence and goes to play from one room to another alone
  3. because of the above, he also started letting go of furniture for a second or two and stands without support.
  4. he is eating more solid food and eating especially much more of what we eat alone with his hands even though no teeth yet!
  5. he’s learnt how to get down stairs,bed & sofa without falling
  6. started to enjoy listening to me reading books
  7. understands what I am saying for e.g i tell him that am gonna catch him he runs away or ask where is monster he locates his toy.

I feel so happy and feel so much that I did the right decision. Generally, what I am doing is giving him a free hand…so rather than scolding him for going up the stairs I encourage him, tell him to be careful and showed him how to get down without falling. I tell him all I am doing, whether washing plates, cooking dinner or dressing or counting each step we make. I also identify everything with its proper name for him and when babbling I reply back as if in a conversation. I also take him out once or twice a day and let him run even if he will get dirty. It makes him so much happier and relaxed!

I can’t wait to have him toddling around really lol and saying more words and knowing I will be there for all of this makes my head go high up in the clouds with dreams & happiness.


7 thoughts on “Progress

  1. that's really great parenting Melissa…:)

    give him lots of freedom and in doing so, he will appreciate further adventure…:)

    let him get dirty, fall, run and everything will still be fine with him…:)

    thumbs up Melissa!

    my three kids are all grown up now, two are now in college and the youngest is now in highschool, but you know i was a working mom…:)

    have a nice day Melissa!


  2. This is soooo sweet. Oh my, I think my biological clock is starting to tick a bit faster… maybe is because of all the happy moms. You better write something about poop and sleepless nights woman, I'm not ready yet!


  3. how exciting!!! it is such a gift to be able to spend these precious days and months with gregory! he is such a beautiful boy and is thriving and learning so much under your care… all the best.. xx


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