Today, I started volunteering at The Island Sanctuary– a dog home for stray and abandoned dogs. The place is in a pretty good shape and the animals are all well fed and well loved. I met probably half a dozen volunteers there which was great. The place is set in a nice area and the sanctuary itself has a lot of space. What can I say I loved it! I was met with warmth by the other volunteers, the dogs were so happy to see us :)-some were afraid of me since I was new but most just jumped on me and licked and wanted to play. It was wonderful, I felt happy! To round it off, the day was spectacularly beautiful and the only snag was the cold wind and yet that place over the hill surrounded by trees, made me forget the wind, forget myself and my family and simply be.

I have always wanted to volunteer but never really found the time to do so. Now that I am home I saw it as the perfect opportunity I was waiting for. Greg, goes to his nanna For those 3 hours I spend there which they both love of course and me go give some much needed love to these dogs. My job at the moment there is to give out biscuits & pat/play the many dogs there ( something 80+). Its a dirty job really, but I love the interaction with the dogs and even though it was my first time and wasn’t yet quite at ease I immensely loved my time with them.

If any of you wish to adopt or maybe sponsor a dog (for only Eur 28 per year) please visit there website for more info.


7 thoughts on “Volunteering

  1. This is weird, but I was looking into the NY Humane Society today. Maybe because I recently started following the stories of a dog name Gypsy, she's a darling and her mommy takes care of a whole bunch of pooches.

    I'm glad you are having fun. I'm hoping to get something a couple of times a week, maybe dog walking or running, common in the city. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Now, I'm going to the website to look at the puppies 🙂


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