colds here we go

Greg’s runny nose turned out into a mild cold with a tiresome cough. Happily I was given a natural cough mixture (which he liked as not sweet!). Otherwise though he is in a very good mood…playing and running around and smiling, laughing, being mischievous. The only difference is that he ain’t interested in eating a lot of food apart for breastmilk and he comes more for cuddles. That’s ok….at ten months, he started doing a few steps now and then, says incessently 3 words and more when he feels like, started clapping and saying bye bye when he feels like and ya know he doesn’t look like or feel like much of a baby anymore 😦 so having him coming for cuddles and milk well its comforting!

Character wise, Greg is showing independence and a strong will and is quite relaxed with other people. Social wise with other children, he’s still not sure LOL, he kinda gets excited and looks at them, sometimes he tries to ‘play’ but most of the time he just prefers to play alone. I am actually happy he loves to play alone as it gives me more time to do the cooking, cleaning, blogging and anything else in between.

Anyhow, he is right now soundly asleep and hopefully he stays so all night…last night between coughing and a blocked nose he kept waking up and I felt quite a zombie today.

Have a good night all ya folks!

4 thoughts on “colds here we go

  1. Hope he sleeps peacefully. Cool mist humidifiers are great for stuffy little noses. Or if it's safe and cool in your area, open a window and let the cool night air in. Just be sure you dress him warmly for bed and give plenty of covers. 🙂


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