fragments on a friday

Its already the weekend and I hardly blogged or used the net this week. It also seems like suddenly Christmas is here and I feel I am way behind for the Christmas eve dinner preparations.

I need to refocus thats for sure! the problem? I don’t know seems like I am once more stuck in a rut. Actually no not that – a lot of things that i need to do and simply cant seem to do any….

Now a question to the mothers: Greg who is now nearly 11 months ain’t eating properly (or maybe what we deem properly) can some one let me know how their child ate/ eats at this age? thanks in advance!

In the meantime coz my week was very boring and have nothing else to really add I will wish you a great weekend and will pray to have more time and news to write about!


One thought on “fragments on a friday

  1. Back when Jack was 11 months, my circle of breastfeeding mommy friends assured me that solid food eating was still just for practice. At that point, I still relyed mostly on my milk to give him the appropriate calories and nutrition. I am thinking it would be the same if he is on formula also (sorry I don't remember you saying if he was breastfeeding or taking formula).
    Have a great weekend! Get outside and take some more of those beautiful pictures!


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