more pics!

Since Marie requested more pics 🙂 here they are all taken last Sunday! hope you have a great weekend!

with mummy

with daddy

with nanna

at buskett

at buskett


5 thoughts on “more pics!

  1. My Wicked Darling you have been Touched by Pagan Culture!

    This is going to bee a very welcoming post. All the other Wicked Darlings can see what I was talking about. You look so wonderful, the baby wins the cuteness contest of course!


  2. Just stopped by from Pagan Culture and your pics are awesome.
    As for kids eating at 11 months..well my son at alot of hotdogs and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He loved spaghetti, applesauce and puddings of all kinds. Somehow they manage to do just fine on this diet for my son is now 42 years old and has five kids of his own! And that is how they ate at that age as well.
    Mommies being tired and losing their tempers is all part of the package. I am sorry to say. When it happens, you pick them up and hugs them and say how sorry you are that you lost your temper and how much you love them. They will be all better then.


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