What are your resolutions or the coming year?

I don’t usually make any new year resolutions to be quite honest. However, this year its going to be an exception 🙂 I was doing an article for the mamascircle site and have read a couple of articles this week that made me realise that I truly need to focus on my relationship with hubby!

So my first resolution is that me & Dave spend real quality time together. And my second is a continuation of the first and that is to communicate more as sometimes we lack that!

That is what is on my mind for next year….the rest, can all wait and well usually it finds its way when the timing is good 🙂 so I needn’t worry!

How about you? are you doing any resolutions and what are they?


7 thoughts on “What are your resolutions or the coming year?

  1. Personally I need to get back into a workout routine. My mother just informed me that there is a large history of heart disease in my family so I really need to be careful!


  2. This is too hilarious because I usually don't make new New Year's either, but this year I'm changing that.

    Mine has to do with my spiritual life and my family. The other day my niece asked for a spell and I told her to get me a piece of paper and I would write it down. She said, “I could get it from your Book of Shadows”

    I had to write it down because I don't have a BoS. My resolution this year: completing an Magaly's Eclectic Book of Shadows. I'm sure you'll hear/read about it next year on my blog–often.


  3. My New Year's resolution will be to attend church more and to try to do house chores daily. I also have to stress myself less and try to have more patience. This year I hardly attended mass and I feel as though I'm not a good Christian. I want to be a good example for my little one.


  4. I lvoe making resolutions… but mine consist of -no jumping off bridges…. -not burning the house down…. -wear cothing everyday… you know things I know I can accomplish 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog on my big day!

    {I'll be back…. {read in the terminator voice 🙂 }


  5. new year's resolutions? have some but more often than not, can't really attain its fulfillment especially if it's about doing chores…shallow isn't it?

    i am always hooked with the net so for every attempt to be hands-on with chores, our househelp would always end up doing everything…

    as for relationships, my hubby and i have always a good time sharing many things…open communication is wonderful you know…:)

    makes you both better person and you're relationship is always healthy…:)


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