This year holds a lot of firsts!

  • My first year as a SAHM
  • Gregory’s first birthday in 2 weeks (21 Jan)
  • My first blogging anniversary (1 Apr)
  • My first year as a volunteer at the dog sanctuary

For me that is a lot of firsts when normally I don’t even think about them! It’s quite exciting and I can’t wait for it all to unfold and show me further the way I am meant to take in this life of mine!

Our lives are journeys that never end, its up to us to define if our journey should be difficult or not, worth living or not, exciting or not…..with our daily decisions, we change the course of our lives and the way we usually look at it. We can push our comfort zone to understand ourselves more or we decide to stay stuck in that way of life for fear of what otherwise might hold.

Each day is a miracle, will you live it?


5 thoughts on “First

  1. Sure I will Melissa…:)

    True, really true, it is us who should define the journeys that we're gonna take!

    Advance congratulations on your 1st bloggerversary!

    I missed you in my space Melissa. Pls visit!




  2. He is going to be one already? WOW! And your blog is going to have an anniversary too, Pagan Culture's is in May. We should plan and blog party or something lol.

    Oh, I've promised myself to live the miracle of being alive.


  3. You are truly blessed. What I wouldn't give to be a stay at home Mom. Well my kids are older now but I would probably stay at home and pursue some of my entrepreneurial projects.

    Enjoy your baby because they grow up FAST!!!!!!!! He is a cutie patootie!!


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